Real Estate Selling Tips

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Some windows and glass doors may seem like an obstacle when it comes to selling those “special” properties.  You know the ones: they have big windows or glass doors that look directly into a neighboring unit, face a parking lot, common area or worse.Hide a bad view with Mandalay Stained Glass decorative window film by Wallpaper For Windows.

Show the property with the blinds closed and the room will seem dark, leave the blinds open and you can see the excitement leave the buyers faces as they look through the glass.  Being an enterprising agent, you try angling the blinds to give the room as much light as possible while minimizing the immediate impact of the view and hope for the best.  You know eventually they all sell, but often with a selling price thousands of dollars less than the same unit with a better view.

A $100 or less alternative to a reduced selling price, is decorating those windows or glass doors with an adhesive-free etched glass film called Wallpaper For Windows by EtchArt,LLC. ( Wallpaper For Windows ). The decorative film will turn the negative into a positive by transforming the clear glass into expensive-looking decorative glass that adds to a room’s décor while concealing the undesirable view.  With open blinds the room is energized with natural light from beautiful etched glass and the importance of the view is minimized.

Buyers should be told that the doors are decorated and the Wallpaper For Windows film can be left on or removed.  The advantage to decorating the glass instead of leaving them plain is the room is always presented with the best lighting and the view is always obscured.  Once buyers know there is a solution to the undesirable view, the issue will be minimized. (The film is adhesive-free and can be removed in seconds; there are no removal issues.)Add privacy to windows with decorative window films like Wallpaper For Windows Everleaf design.

The important thing to remember is that it must be an adhesive-free static-cling film like Wallpaper For Windows!™.    They have a number of designs from which to choose and the static cling film installation is easy, with beautiful results.  Adhesive-backed films are difficult to remove and not recommended for this situation.  (Also beware of window films that have to be seamed together to cover a piece of glass.  When the windows are washed, the seams catch dirt, after a few washings the seams start becoming black lines and very visible.)

For the seller, Wallpaper For Windows is an inexpensive solution to maintain the desired selling price.  For the realtor, with the unappealing view replaced by decorative glass, the unit will sell faster and commissions will not be reduced.

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