Improving Your Privacy With Lovely Frosted Glass Window Film

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Frosted Window Film on Bath Window

Add privacy to over the tub windows with frosted glass film

If you have owned your home long enough, you may remember the older sticks on contact adhesive frosted glass window film that was available. The unattractive product was more functional than pretty, but the need for privacy prevailed. Today, there is a new generation of good looking frosted films that have become artistic design additions to homes and offices. These are what you may wish to use to get that privacy plus beauty that you are seeking.

Beware of cheap window films, they typically don’t look as good as ones that only cost a few dollars more and often are thin adhesive films that are difficult to apply and even more difficult to remove (don’t believe the “easy to remove” statements on the box or website, you want to use an adhesive-free static cling film) There are frosted glass films that are opaque and provide maximum privacy. Lite Frost films that are translucent, and one company, Wallpaper For Windows that has frosted films in colors other than white.

Some of the artistic films you may like include etched designs, such as leaves, lace, or many abstract patterns. These films are made of plastic that may be easily washed with soap and water. And for all their lovely appearance, some also provide protection from UV light that can fade your furnishings and harm your skin.

These films are great for windows, but you may also consider using them on any glassed area in your home. Some films look particularly stylish used on room dividers and shower doors, and kitchen cabinet doors. The films allow light to shine through and still mask the view or contents from public view.

Also first designed for style and function, there are manufacturers that have increased the functionality on some of their frosted film products by creating them to hold shards of glass when broken. Some families are using films to add an extra layer of protection on key windows that may be susceptible to breakage due to bad weather or even an unwanted burglary.

pink privacy window film

Add privacy to a child's room

Frosted films mimic most every kind of artistic design imaginable. Some appear to be stained glass, some mimic glass mosaics, and geometric designs are also popular. The frosting may be quite opaque, or partially transparent, but is usually available in a wide range of decorator colors.

Some companies are offering frosted blackout films that will keep a room free from sunlight. Very popular in home theaters and offices where PowerPoint and other displays must be seen, these films will totally block the rays of the sun. Though manufacturers suggest that one or two layers of film may be sufficient, you may need to apply three to get the total blackout you are expecting. But the usefulness of this product is certainly understandable.

Frosted glass window film comes in so many different and appealing designs that are easy to install yourself. The majority of them do not need adhesive either, which makes the project even easier. No adhesive mess to deal with is a definite plus for any home handyman. If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive way to add value and privacy to your home, you may want to consider using this beautiful and versatile product.

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