‘Decorating Superstar’ Video Demonstrates Window Film At Home And Office

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Meet the decorating superstar Wallpaper For Windows, a special adhesive-free film that is the easy “DIY” (do-it-yourself) way to decorate windows, glass doors, showers and mirrors with the look of stained glass, etched and frosted glass.

This minute and a half video demonstrates the features and benefits of a decorating superstar; with decorating ideas and how-to add privacy and partial privacy information.

See Wallpaper For Windows give mirrored closet doors and mirrored walls a new look using see-through or privacy films.

Recommended for homes, apartments, offices, medical facilities, churches and more. At work, this superstar provides new opportunities for offices and businesses to economically create decorative environments for employees and customers.

Making windows and doors beautiful and more energy efficient are Wallpaper For Windows most outstanding features. See for yourself, it’s a short minute and a half video. See Decorating Superstar video

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