Fun Window Treatments With Etched Glass Window Film

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decorate sidelights with etched glass film

Add privacy and elegance to your Sidelights

The beautiful look of etched glass does not have to cost a fortune. The simple fact is you can decorate windows or doors with nice looking, reasonable costing etched glass window film. It really is easy to apply and can last for many years making it very economical. Choose from many styles and desirable designs and whatever level of privacy you require.

At one time window treatments were mainly structured around blinds, curtains or shutters. Using glass film opens up a whole new choice to explore. Window film can be purchased in glacial, stained glass, frosted or etched designs.

Window films in etched style designs add shine and sparkle just like any real glass. There are so many styles and designs to choose from decorating a room is fun and easy. You can choose from ornamental, nature, abstract, geometric, traditional and contemporary designs.

Choose whatever designs you find appealing or make your own custom designs by cutting the film to fit the exact window dimensions you require with the perfect style and design. Change the view from any window inside and out with a beautiful etched design. You can help regulate energy costs by selecting just the right pattern for filtering sunshine into any room.

Etched Glass Window Film on Sliding Glass Door

Etched Glass Window Film on Sliding Glass Door

You’ll be amazed at how the decor of an entire room will change with the addition of film on a window. Use your own choice of designs to carry a specific theme from other decor in a room right over to a window. For example, a mountain theme with pine trees and wild flowers or that of a beach and waving palms can be used as an etched glass design with nice results and little effort from you.

Get creative and experiment. Pick out a theme or design from furniture in the entryway to your home and carry it through to those hard to cover entry way windows. Pick a cute pattern for any bathroom window and liven up the room. Add privacy to clear shower enclosures with a touch of style. Transfer the kitchen theme to windows and still get plenty of sunshine.

Many varieties of etched glass window film can provide ultraviolet ray protection and will prevent furnishings from becoming tired and faded looking.

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