Decorating With Decorative Window Film

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Hi, I’m Randy Walker and I think the world would be a prettier place if we had more stained glass artwork on our windows and glass doors.

Stained Glass windows and glass doors do far more for a room’s decor than just look good. They also impart an eye-pleasing spectrum of colored light that adds a wonderful, energy to a room. As a decorative element, stained glass is something many would like to use, but with stained glass costing hundreds to thousands of dollars, most of us do not get to enjoy the beauty and benefits of stained glass.

This blog is dedicated to promoting and providing information on decorative window films that look like stained glass as an affordable alternative to expensive stained glass.

This blog is an open forum to discuss decorating questions pertaining to the use of decorative window films.

mandalay clear on shower doorAnswering and discussing decorating ideas on different ways to cover glass doors, windows, mirrors, glass tables, etc.

Answering your “How” questions. How much do you need? How do I measure and trim custom windows and doors? How will it look?

I will be placing some of the questions we receive on our website on the blog to get the discussions started.

Please join us.


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One Response to Decorating With Decorative Window Film

  1. Randy,

    Our company Digiglass have perfected the design and production techniques for the printing of PET polyester window films.

    Our core product is printed onto a optically clear PET 100 micron safety film, this can be printed in full colour plus the unique addition of white ink which adds up to photographic quality images that look like they are part of the glass.

    In short we can produce any bespoke design onto any flat glazed area.

    Have a look at our website if anyone would like to find out more:

    Many Thanks

    Dave Macdonald

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